Our Story

Several years ago, the founders of this organization were working together at an Interactive Children’s Museum for many years.  We held titles such as Director, Program Director, and  Exhibit Builders.  We were mostly volunteers, and we all held a similar passion for shedding the light on all things STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for children and the community.  We intended to build a safe place for families to explore and discover at their own pace and to ignite his or her own interests in science.   We were successful in our endeavors, built many programs, exhibits, community and university relations, and saw the fruits of our labor in the sparkle of joy in the children’s eyes.  We were hooked.  Most of us were educators, scientists, engineers, or all three.  Through our unique experiences at this museum, we were able to get a real sense of what the students, families, and teachers needed, and we wanted to meet those needs.

One thing that stuck out to us was the lack of funding for transportation to our facility.  Many students could not come to us or did not have families that took them to science museums on holidays or weekends or after school. This need produced the idea of us becoming a traveling science museum.   We also noticed that with all of our camps and programs like Robotics, Maker Clubs, Tinker Clubs, LEGO Clubs that we had created, the attendance by girls was lacking.  This is what led to our creation of the STEAM for Girls camp. 

With our interest in STEM and art, we combined them to form STEAM, added a trunk for traveling and STEAMTrunk was born. Would you like to make a donation? STEAMtrunk is a 501(c)3 non-profit. 

Our Mission

Empowered by S.T.E.A.M.

Sparking curiosity, bringing hands-on, informal learning to local youth, families and schools; cultivating independent discovery, with a fun, magical, mobile, museum-quality experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

“We’re Bringing It!”